Or Weis
Programmer, author, cyber-security researcher, and entrepreneur

A determined, hardworking, visionary who gets things done.

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"Bitweis Or"

In the world of programming, operators are the glue that connects software statements. Among them are the binary operators, which are also called Bitwise operators- examples being - 'Bitwise OR', and 'Bitwise XOR'.


(Note this is an abridged version)

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  • Netline Communications Technologies (NCT) (Director of Cyber-Security Solutions)
    2014 - 2015

    Leading Netline's cyber-security efforts.

  • Singualr Labs Inc. (Freelance - Senior Software Engineer / Architect)

    Freelancing, built a unique data-binding/collection solution – "OneBind".

  • Reactful Inc. (CTO & Co-Founder)
    2012 - 2014

    Bootstrapped the company to impressive achievements- World class paying American customers including: Procter & Gamble, TrendMicro, Actian, EdgeWave. Created (from nothing) a product that generates lift in ranges of 10% to 288% to all chosen online goals (such as conversion) – Most of the time developing alone, as the only programmer on the team. Advanced machine learning- reading human digital body language in real-time. Created a unique web-dev and SaaS code injection framework- based on Google AppEngine, Python WebApp2/Django, AngualrJS, jQuery, RequireJS, Sass-Css and proprietary solutions. Experience with Mobile development. Reactful continues to grow, with me as a major stakeholder. Lead the company on all fronts – creative design (logo, web, graphics, and decks), marketing, sales & biz-dev., etc.

  • Malam Team (IDF Tech/Cyber consultant)
    2012 - 2014

    Worked & lead several Agile/Scrum oriented confidential projects.

  • Intigua (Lead Software Engineer & Product Architect)
    2011 - 2012

    First employee, designed and implemented framework and product from the ground up.
    -Intense low-level, C / C++ for virtualization platforms. Utilized Boost C++, extensive Reverse Engineering, Windows/Linux internals, and API Hooking. Authored DSL for proprietary use.
    -Architect of Infrastructure and product – twice winner of VMware's 'VMworld'.
    -BizDev / Sales engineer with fortune 500 companies in the USA.

  • IDF (Lead Software Engineer & Project Manager)
    2004 - 2011

    Leader of several advanced confidential intelligence projects. Team Leader (of up to 10 people). Extensive experience in project management both using Scrum/Agile and TOC, unique experience in 'Unknown mitigation'. Advanced big-data collection and manipulation solutions (via Python, C/C++, LUA)


  • Low-Level Dev 81%

  • Cyber Security 92%

  • Web Dev 78%

  • Python90%

  • Entrepreneurship80%

  • Project Management 83%


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